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Huntington Site Erected Metal Building Solutions

If your company needs fast and durable building solutions, then we can help. We offer a variety of pre-engineered buildings that can be site erected to suit your needs. We have building designs that will work for your site as loaders buildings, guardhouses, meter and MCC buildings. These metal buildings are the perfect solution when you need a building right away.

Metal buildings have an array of great benefits, and that’s why we recommend them for your commercial and industrial needs. Take a look through our gallery on this page, and you’ll see site erected metal buildings that we have built to act as storage facilities, communications buildings, fire pump buildings and more.

Our pre-engineered buildings are easy to customize so you can have as little or as much space as you need, and they don’t require heavy installation equipment. The steel structures have their own fasteners, so it’s a straightforward building process that can be done as quickly as you need it to be. That also means that these buildings are extremely secure -- ideal for classified uses.

Our steel structures provide the perfect shelter for employees, too, since they can be insulated against the elements. They are also easy on the budget because there are no unexpected costs or fees.

We provide all that you need for your site erected building. All you need to do is to put it together. Contact our helpful professionals today for all of your metal and steel building needs.

More About Parkline Site Erected Metal Buildings


Parkline's self-framing design means it can easily be site erected just about anywhere. These buildings require little to no equipment to install it frees up site space and reduces complicated foundations and footing requirements. These buildings can be configured to serve limitless uses and every wall panel has concealed fasteners and every roof panel is a vertical rib standing seam panel. These buildings seal up tight for classified environments. The accessories included as part of these packages are designed specifically to incorporate into the interlocking wall and roof panels.

Site erected options include:

  • Commercial and Industrial uses
  • MCC Buildings
  • Guardhouses
  • Meter Buildings
  • Loaders buildings for trailers/rail or barge