Direct Building Sales

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We offer direct building sales for you to receive and erect yourself. There are no games or mis-leading ploys used in our approach. Unlike those "national direct sellers" we offer honesty and clear information to help you be sure you are getting exactly what you think you are getting. Many of the national direct sellers don't include everything and play on you as an "under informed" buyer all while leaving out this or that so you have to pay extra later when you realize it wasn't part of the package. We have followed these schemes for many years as frustrated folks have contacted us with questions regarding packages they purchased from others. We will deal fairly, honestly and directly with you and ask all the right questions to be sure you receive all you expect.

We offer the simplest structural framed buildings that are available in as little as 4 weeks to as complex as you desire with a longer lead time.

If you are after the smaller self-framed buildings, we offer the finest in the industry in Parkline Buildings. The uses for these are tremendous and with them being able to be provided either unassembled (for site assembly) or pre-erected and delivered to your site fully assembled with electric and HVAC systems already installed and ready to go, they have become a very popular offering to the commercial and industrial markets.